A Tapestry of Secrets – Sarah Loudin Thomas

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Rating: 2/5 Stars

I thought the beginning of the book had potential. The setting was interesting and the small town aspect was enjoyable. In addition, I liked the flashbacks of Gran (Perla) and was interested in learning more about her story.

However, as the book went on it felt slower, like not much was happening. Perla’s story was wrapped up and so was the future of the church. Time in the book began to move quickly; there wasn’t much detail just speeding though time. However, not much was happening. I had a hard time finishing the book because everything I was interested in was wrapped up long before the end of the book.

In addition, I didn’t really enjoy the main character Ella. She was supposed to be 29, but she felt like a teenager. The way she thought and interacted with people made her seem much younger than an almost thirty year old. She was extremely stubborn when it came to the church and unwilling to listen to others ideas. In addition, she had just come out of a bad relationship, but she wouldn’t tell her parents about it? Her mom liked the man she broke up with, but Ella never told her how bad he was? It didn’t make sense. In addition, even though she had recently come out of a relationship she was interested in many different men. They were all pursuing her and different members of her family thought she should be with different men. It was all very odd.

Maybe some of the reason Ella felt young was because of the writing. Much of the writing seemed very casual and simplistic. There were many times where I found myself thinking that people don’t actually think and talk like they were in the book; and it was other characters besides Ella I found myself thinking this about. Overall, this book had potential to be an interesting read. However, with simplistic writing and ideas it was not as good as I had hoped.

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House, in exchange for an honest review.


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