Jaded – Michelle Bellon


Rating: 3/5 Stars

I thought the writing in Jaded was average. It kept me engaged enough to keep reading the book, however, there were times I was annoyed with the writing and writing style and was unimpressed. However, the character development was done well. I absolutely hated Jade and thought she was a terrible person. I felt sorry for Reed throughout the book because he had done nothing to deserve the way he was being treated. At the same time I was annoyed with him for not being able to move on past Jade even when he knew how unhealthy his relationship with her was. Even though I disliked the characters I had such strong emotions towards them; Bellon did a good job developing them as characters.

I enjoyed the story being told in three parts: childhood, teenagers, and adulthood. This gave the readers the chance to see how Reed and Jade were developing throughout their life as individuals and together. However, there were parts of the storyline I didn’t think were developed as well. Jade’s dead drug cartel parents (which seem a little unrealistic, but whatever) didn’t seem to be a major part of the storyline until the very end of the book. At the beginning of the book we were introduced to the idea of Jade’s past and how it was a problem, but it wasn’t until the last 20 minutes when all the action took place.

I hated the ending. It felt like it was wrapped up way too nicely. Jade has been running for years, but suddenly she is attacked and all the men are either found by the police or killed. It seemed unrealistic to have the problem going on for over 20 years and then for it to have been resolved in the last 5 pages of the novel. I also hated Jade and Reed ending up together. While Jade apologizes at the end, I don’t see much in their relationship changing or becoming healthy. For the entire book, Jade needs to be in control, tortures Reed, and is mean. Both of them are aware of it but do nothing to change. It seemed too happy of an ending for them to end up together.

I received a free copy of this book through Word Slinger Publicity in exchange for an honest review.


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My name is Liz and I’m 22. I’m a college student from Massachusetts currently studying Public Health. I love traveling, reading, and photography. I also like elephants and maps. If you have a book you would like reviewed, feel free to contact me.
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