Confronting Jezebel

Confronting Jezebel by Steve Sampson describes the Jezebel spirit which is a demonic spirit of control. It further describes how to recognize the Jezebel spirit in one’s own self as well in those around you. It tells you how to protect yourself and break free from cycles of control. It has strategies so you can bring it under control of the Holy Spirit.

I’m going to start off by saying that I usually read books really fast and this one was a struggle for me to get through, even though it was only 191 pages. I think the first thing that made it difficult to read was the fact that I read the word “Jezebels” hundreds of times. I didn’t like the fact that anyone who had a “Jezebel spirit” was referred to as a Jezebel. Also it seemed like almost every not so pleasant characteristic was referred to as a “Jezebel.”

It seemed like this book was more a self-help book rather than one for discerning and defeating the spirit of control in others, which brings me to another other aspect I disliked about the book. Sampson gives many examples of others he knows who have been demonized by Jezebel. So while some of the examples were helpful, he makes it seem as though he never had to deal with the Jezebel spirit himself. He doesn’t look at it from an objective point of view; rather he comes off as preachy.

Overall I believe there are a few useful things to be found in this book. However, I wouldn’t recommend it because overall I feel it would be a waste of time to read the whole book. Even though it is only 191 pages I believe that it could have been shorter and still gotten all of the important material across.

I received this book from Chosen Publishing in exchange for my honest review.


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