Top 5 of the Month (May)

1. Water for Elephants by: Sara Gruen

I’ve had this book on my list to read for a long time. I had the choice of about thirty books to read for a school project and so I picked this one.  Water for Elephants is about Jacob’s life in the circus. I thought Sara Gruen did an excellent job using circus vocabulary and telling a love story.

2. Before I Go to Sleep by: S.J. Watson

Every day Christine wakes up and doesn’t remembering anything. This was very interesting to read and sometimes memories she had were true and sometimes they were false. It was a very suspenseful read and the ending was not at all what I expected.

3. Just Another Kid by: Torey L. Hayden

I usually enjoy Hayden’s stories about her adventures as a special education teacher. I really liked this book because in addition to learning about the children and how she dealt with their disabilities the reader also learned about Ladbrook Taylor, a mother of one of the children. She enters the classroom as a volunteer aide and Torey Hayden is able to help her and become her friend.

4. What Happened to Goodbye by: Sarah Dessen

I always like reading Sarah Dessen’s novels and was excited to find one that I hadn’t read yet. This story is multilayered with themes about family, divorce, friendship, small towns, and the desire to figure out one’s true self and direction in life. One thing I like about Dessen’s style of writing is that it all the subplots flow together to create a story that is deeper than other books because it doesn’t just address the main plot.

5. Wildflowers from Winter by: Kate Ganshert

I absolutely loved this book and was surpirsed to find out that it was Ganshert’s debut novel.  Katie Ganshert manages to touch upon all of these topics eloquently and makes you fall in love with the characters. Her writing is very strong and she keeps the story going with subtle plot twists.


About A Geek At Heart

My name is Liz and I’m 22. I’m a college student from Massachusetts currently studying Public Health. I love traveling, reading, and photography. I also like elephants and maps. If you have a book you would like reviewed, feel free to contact me.
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