Invisible Anna (Fiction Friday)

 “Anna! Come here I need your help!” Mrs. Tucket, Anna’s mom yelled up to her.

 Anna sighed. She hated how the only thing everyone thought she was useful for was helping out. Sure she understood that it was tough because her two year old sister, Courtney had broken her leg. She also understood that her mom needed extra help because she was going to have a baby soon.

The only things she didn’t get was how come her six year old brother, Jackson and her nine year old sister, Vanessa never helped out. She would have got if they didn’t help out as much because they were younger. Jackson had dyslexia so he needed extra help with homework. Guess who had to help him. Yup, you guessed it Anna. Vanessa was a genius so she didn’t need any help but her parents thought that she should work extra hard just because she was so smart. Anna barely had any time to even finish her homework.

 She normally would have talked to her parents if something like this was happening, but since so much was going on and her parents were stressed out. She figured that she would only have to run around like everyone’s slave for a little while longer so she would be alright.

          “Anna Tucket! Do you have your homework from last night?”


“I’m waiting for an answer Miss Tucket!”

“Sorry Mr. Batik I forgot it.”

“I will let it go this time Miss Tucket.”

“Thank you Mr. Batik.”

Anna didn’t forget her homework she just didn’t have time to do it. Last night her mom had a doctor appointment and her dad was helping Jackson. Anna had to keep an eye on Courtney and make sure she didn’t need anything.

When Anna got home she tried to do her homework right away but of course she was needed. After Jackson finished his homework Anna started hers. By the time she finished last night’s homework it was time for dinner. After dinner she finished her homework. It felt good to have it all done.

The next morning Anna had to help get Courtney ready because her mom wasn’t feeling well and her dad had already left for work. Before the bus came for Anna she had to make sure that everyone was ready.

“Miss Tucket.”

“Miss Tucket.”

“Anna! Wake up!”

“What? Oh, sorry Mr. Batik.”

“Anna, I would like to see you after school.”

“Um, okay.”

Anna wondered why he wanted to see her. Falling asleep might sound bad and yeah it was, but it was the first time ever. Would she get in trouble? She hoped not.

“Anna,  I was just wondering if everything at home was alright.”

“Yeah, why Mr. Batik?”

“Well, it’s just that you haven’t been turning in your homework”

“But I caught up and passed it in today.”

“Yes, but that’s not all you fell asleep in class today.”

“Everything at home is fine. It’s just busy that’s all.”

“Okay, well I’m going to call your parents anyway.”

As soon as Anna got home her dad yelled at her to go upstairs to get Courtney up from her nap. She hoped that after the baby was born life wouldn’t be so busy.

“Anna, can you get the phone! I’m busy.” her dad yelled from upstairs.

“Hello, Tucket Residence.”



“This is Mr. Batik.”

“Oh, hi.”

“Can I please speak to your mother or father?”

“Yeah. Hold on a second.”


“Okay. Thanks, honey.”

Anna really hoped that she wasn’t in trouble. Her parents were stressed enough. Mr. Batik didn’t seem upset when he was talking to her, just concerned.

As soon as Mr. Tucket got off the phone with Anna’s teacher he called Anna down to his study.

“Anna, Mr. Batik wanted to know if everything was alright at home. I told him yes it has just been very busy lately. Your mother and I are concerned that you haven’t had time to do your homework. We are also concerned that you haven’t been getting enough sleep.”

“Really dad it’s not that big of a deal.”

“Honey it is.” her mom said.

“We are sorry that we have been relying on you so much.”

“Guys, it’s okay.”

“No Anna, it’s not okay we have been treating you more of like a nanny than our child and we are very sorry.”

“I forgive you.”

“We love you.”

“Love you too. Night.”

“Good Night, Sweetie.”

The next day at school Mr. Batik pulled Anna aside before class started.

“Are things going better at home?”

“Yeah, much better. Guess what mom’s in the hospital right now giving birth.”

“Wow, that’s exciting.”

“Oh Mr. Batik?”



“You’re welcome, Anna.”

That night Anna and Vanessa got Jackson and Courtney ready to go visit their new baby brother.

“Ready guys?”


We got to the hospital and went in the see my mom and our new baby brother.

“He is so cute!” Vanessa said.

“It’s just a baby.” Jackson said.

“Baby?” said Courtney.

“What did you name him?” I asked.

“We decided to name him Gabriel James.”  my mom said. “Would you like to hold him.”

As she held her little brother, Gabriel James, she realized that all the stress she had gone though the past few months was totally worth it.

 *Alright, so this is more of a flashback Fiction Friday because I wrote this when I was ten. Just warning ya! 🙂


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My name is Liz and I’m 22. I’m a college student from Massachusetts currently studying Public Health. I love traveling, reading, and photography. I also like elephants and maps. If you have a book you would like reviewed, feel free to contact me.
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